Short Paragraph on Nature (310 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Nature !

Nature, as one say is such a beauty and when taken in its broadest sense it could be made equal to natural or the physical world. It also depicts life in general.

Nature was derived from the Latin word Natura, which actually means birth.


This was actually a Greek translation from the word physis which actually relates to intrinsic characteristics like animals, plants and the other features of the world that have developed on its own accord.

The word nature has been used for various uses today and it mostly depicts wildlife and geology. Nature usually refers to general realms that have not been altered by man like beaches, forests, rocks, wild animals, mountains hills etc when compared to manmade items like manufactured goods.


Nature also makes one feel to things that have its own beauty and origin and which have not been changed, or altered to get it more better. Something that has happened naturally is what is most commonly referred to being as natural.

The natural phenomenon like rain, wind, earthquakes, etc are all natural happenings which cannot be altered or changed by man for any reason and they have their own impacts on nature.

Nature is mostly considered to be the earth and the wonderful landscapes that have filled the earth at different parts. These could not be altered, yet have been formed naturally and holds a beauty that could not be compared to any man made beauties.

Nature is believed to be the gift and blessing of God and one has the responsibility to preserve it in all its beauty and not destroy it for one`s benefits. Nature has its own way of existence and man could not make any kind of major changes, so far. Nature is a beauty and we need to learn to admire and adorn that beauty.

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