Human Life is Dependent on Nature – by Silki



Modern civilization hardly cares about the truth that the human life is dependent on nature.

Seems like greed and the never ending aspirations of the big industries will be responsible for extinction of mankind one day.


Some of the top tier industries and renowned players will be liable for the destruction of the Earth in the future. Many of us are not nature loving people anymore. While chasing life simplicity, we have lost touch with the nature and forgot nature’s real contribution to human life. Some people were never even told or taught about how our existence depends on it.

Human Life and Nature:


We’ve been born out of the natural elements. The air and the water are the two most important things without which we won’t survive. The human life is dependent on nature because we need fresh oxygen rich air to breathe and healthy water to drink. Unfortunately, we don’t really care for these elements. We take them for granted. What if there is no water to drink? You’ll say there will be replacements in that case. But, when there will be no more fresh water to drink, the lives of animals and many other species will be at a risk.

The human life is dependent on nature because now we’ve plenty of natural resources available to use freely for our day to day requirements. We eat rice, lentils, vegetable grown on the fields. What if the soil becomes contaminated or infertile due to extreme fertilization? Many big industries dump their product by-products, wastes or toxins in the ground. These wastes or toxins gradually contaminate the land and water. The land can become infertile and the water can become inappropriate for safe drinking. The human life is dependent on nature because it gives us the appropriate environment for living.

Ignorance Can Jeopardize the Nature:

Humans can’t survive without the resources that come from the nature. We can’t survive without the food, energy and water and a place to live. Woods are used to build a house in different parts of the world. We also need wood for fire and keep our home warm. The existence of the human life will be at a risk if we’re left with no trees. This is why the earlier we understand that the human life is dependent on the nature; the better it will be for us.


We need growth of outlook; but, that should never become a threat to the well being of the nature. If that happens, the severe consequences will affect the existence of mankind. The human life is dependent on nature because nature provides us the tools of survival. We’ve to maintain the balance of the nature. Development and progress should not endanger the future of our next generation.


We must encourage National development, but, never at the cost of our own existence. We should encourage advancements, but, in a way which will flourish the nature and not destroy it. Our progress will be meaningless if it becomes a threat to our own existence. Put simply, you will not survive if the nature becomes uninhabitable. Therefore, it’s time that you realize that human life is dependent on nature.

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