Short Paragraph on Obedience (420 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Obedience !

Obedience is an act of spiritual discipline. It helps to build a person’s character. Obedience teaches us self restraint. We must obey our teachers and parents.

Obedience plays an important role in student’s life. Obedience begins at infant age with the family until maturity. Children’s has to abide by the rules set down by the parents or grandparents (head of the family) where father or grandfather plays a major role.


Disobey results into punishment. The best way to escape punishment is to judge situation before reacting. Obedience is a basic aspect of everybody’s life. Even adults have to obey the rules set by the society.

For instance, even parents and grandparents have to follow rules set by the employer. Disobedience results into loss of job or salary. Obedience is an essential element of human society. Since childhood all of us are trained to practice obedience. But we must try to adopt obedience in a progressive manner.


Instructions on how to be obedient-

I. Commit yourself & decide to be obedient towards worthy, righteous and reasonable rules.

II. Listen to your elders when they ask you to do something over another because they are more experienced than you.

III. Think before you act. Rules & regulations are made to maintain peace & order in the society.

IV. Use socially & formal acceptable ways to question rules that you do not agree with instead of disobeying to get your views across. Because your behavior may result into heartache for you as well as for people you love.

V. Start asking yourself how obeying that rule is going to benefit you in life.


VI. Remember that obeying right things helps you to become stronger & more able person. It will enhance your capability to resist temptation towards disobedience with passing situations. It will help you to ingrain values to handle more difficult situations in life.

VII. Be humble and grateful so that it can help you to become less rebellious and more obedient.

VIII. Discover ways in situations where you make mistakes. Ask for forgiveness for disobedient actions. Make retribution wherever possible.

IX. Ask for help if required. It is essential to have support system which can help you to remind you to make perfect choices. You may seek the help of your loved one and if you are religious then you may pray to God to guide you.


X. Take out time to evaluate the blessings & advantages that you get to enjoy from being obedient.

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