Paragraph on Optimism (430 Words)


Here is your paragraph on Optimism !

The word Optimism is derived from latin word “optimus”. Optimus means best. An optimist person is said to have a positive mindset towards life no matter what the situation is.

Optimism is a person’s tendency to hope, expect and believe that things will turn-out well towards his/ her advantage. Even if a thing goes bad such as loss of job/ money an optimist never give up & sees the silver lining.


Research has shown that a person having positive mindset also has a good mental health. Hence optimists have good mental health too. Optimists get less sick as compared to pessimists. Pessimists are just the opposite of optimists.

Pessimists fail to look into the brighter side of things. Further a positive outlook towards life enhances the immune system of the body, improves the cardiovascular system & body’s tendency to handle stress. So optimists are less prone towards heart attacks.


An optimist never pays heed over the negative side of a situation. For instance, a glass half full of water is seen as half empty by an optimist. He/ she will appreciate the half glass that is filled with water & will think that at least something is left.

Optimists are more open towards possibilities. They believe in actions and hard work to make things actually happen. Even if things turn out bad after giving a lot of efforts and hard work they do not blame others but works harder next time. Due to which optimists have a brighter futures. They consider failures as a temporary setback.

In bad times they wait for good things to come their way in the future. They are confident because of which they succeed. They are always thankful and grateful towards almighty and their elders for showering their blessings upon them.

Changing your attitude towards life can change your life

Like optimists you should also change your “thinking patterns” with time to stay a healthy and successful life. All you are required to develop a positive approach towards life. Instead of looking towards bad things in life focus over good things that are coming your way.

Analyze situations to figure out what should be done on your part to come out of it. Discover your strengths & talents to deal with situations. Avoid blaming others for your failures work hard instead. Learn from your mistakes so that you can accelerate your potential towards success in the coming years.


Your positive approach towards life can help you to maintain relationships & make others optimistic too. So spread happiness around you with your positive thoughts.

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