Essentials of a Successful Trade Union


Essentials of a Successful Trade Union!

To be successful, a trade union should be an enlightened one and it should be able to guide and direct the trade union movement effectively.

It should have a sound foundation so that it is strong enough to achieve success in the realisation of the outlined objectives.


The objectives of a trade union should be properly communicated to all the members of the union and employees outside the union so that outside employees within the organisation may be attracted towards it. Preferably, the trade union should be led by rank and file workers.

A trade union should have integrity and honestly in dealing with financial matters. There should not be any room for misappropriation of funds. A trade union should use its economic power in a careful and responsible way. It should be aware of the existing realities in terms of the opportunities it has to bring about an improvement in the leaving standards of labour. A trade union should be a democratic agent between workers and management.


A trade union should not be contented with protecting and improving wages and conditions of work of their members but should be concerned with the interest of workers, their emotional disturbances, their martial conflicts, their personal adjustment problems. The trade unions should assist in progressively raising the standard of living of workers and promote their personality development through educational programmes.

Most importantly, trade unions should maintain industrial harmony and peace, and battle fruitfully with the employers and if necessary with the State at the bargaining table so that the employers do not victimize the workers. Trade unions should be pluralist in character and pragmatic in their approach and should concentrate on the welfare of the members and society.

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