‘It is no use crying over spilt milk’ is one of the wisest sayings and carries a lot of depth. It simply connotes that once milk gets spilt, then there is no point of crying as in, then, nothing can be done.

No one can either drink or use it. The milk would serve a purpose only when the milk is in a tumbler or bottle but once, the milk is spilt out, it becomes absolutely worthless.

Opportunity knocks the door. Hear it!!


This saying has a very apt bearing on all of us. When an opportunity strikes us, we need to grab it. Once the opportunity is lost, then there is no point repenting or regretting over the lost opportunity. In life, opportunity knocks our door many a times but we miss some of them, or fail to grab one of them. In such circumstances, there is no point of demonstrating remorse or disappointment for having lost the golden opportunity.

When we sulk on our failures, we discourage ourselves by letting ourselves down. We loose confidence and we brood negative thoughts which immensely affects our future course of action. But the silver lining in our failure is that we have realised our fault or shortcoming and we have had the opportunity to learn a few lessons from them.


Rather than pondering over why did it go wrong or why did I fail to grab the opportunity, we should ponder over what went wrong and how can the same be rectified or not repeated in future. We should always be steadfast in motivating ourselves to pounce upon the next opportunity that comes our way and the best approach for the same is to take every failure with a big heart.

Mistakes-Best teacher of a Man:

Mistakes in our life are our greatest teachers. A man who does not learn from his mistakes does not learn anything at all. We should always endeavour to learn from our mistakes and ensure that we are not disheartened by our failures rather we should take all our failure with a stride and be well prepared and alert to pounce on the opportunity.

Opportunities in life are just like milk in a tumbler. When milk is in a tumbler, it looks good and can be used, but once it is spilt, then what is the use of it? It is just a waste. Opportunities are just like milk, once lost, then there is no point brooding over it and jeopardising future opportunities that may well be knocking our door very soon.


Life is full of opportunities and if you happen to miss one, then the only next thing that we can do is wait for another opportunity and grab it. One should learn from one’s mistakes in life and make sure that they do not repeat it again. Life will always give us a second opportunity but it is the winner who will grab it. Go ahead and face life and consider it to be the next tumbler of milk and enjoy it to the fullest, no matter what may come.