Paragraph on a Memorable Day in My Life – by Silki Guha


A memorable day in my life is the day when I became an elder sister. You won’t believe how wonderful experience it has been throughout the years.

Why I think that day is a memorable day in my life is because that time I was jealous and never thought it would be so great to have a little sister beside afterward.

I thought I was going to lose the attention of my parents. I became an elder sister when I was 12 years old. It was a scary and adventurous transformation for me at that age.


It was a memorable day in my life when I held my little sister the first time in my arms. She was soft like a silk and white like a paper. It was a memorable day for me because all my fears and pre-assumptions about having a little sister disappeared the moment I first saw her. I could not take my eyes off her. She was as beautiful as a newly blossomed white flower.

It became a memorable day in my life as I came to know that now I would be having a companion to play around. With a new and beautiful member in the family, it became the memorable day in my life. I was excited to see such a small baby for the very first time. I was speechless. She got all of my attention. I was not afraid anymore. I never thought I’ll be having such a beautiful and strong bonding with my sister. The day my beautiful little sister was born, I thought I would be having a hard time to adjust to the new scenario. But I didn’t have. I was surprised to see myself adapt to the new time so easily.


Initially, for me, it was a threat instead. I enjoyed all love and attention of my parents solely for 12 years. I was pretty much scared to think that now I had to share the love, my belongings with a new person. And I thought that everyone will be spending more time with her, which was usual. But that single day in my life changed my understanding and perspective completely. I don’t know how I became so loving, caring and affectionate the moment I saw her after birth. It was unexplainable. The day was the memorable day in my life because it taught me the love for the sibling and what are the responsibilities of being an elder sister.

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