A rainy day, a calm weather, the sky covered with the mesmerizing black foam of cloud, chilled air and the rhythmic sound of water drops altogether seems like a hypnotizing moment.

I was always a creative person. Ever since I decided to be in the field of creative writing, I never let a rainy day escape my vision.

As the mind loves the pleasure of the season, sometimes a rainy day becomes an ideal inspiration of creative thoughts. It’s a moment of relief and creation.

A rainy day brings peace in the soul. I’m happy to know that the nature is still beautiful and having its own momentum of alterations. The categorized seasons have their own significances. A long awaited rainy day after a scorching summer is the best reason to be happy for a farmer. They need the seasonal natural water to bring life to their crops. The natural and seasonal rain water is the best possible source of nourishment for the newly planted crops. If you ask me do I have a memory of a rainy day, which can scare the heck out of me, yes, I have one such day in my life.


When I first started to realize the eternal beauty of a rainy day, I became too overwhelmed. I was only 10 years old when one day I made my way to the roof to enjoy such a day. I was too young to be careful. I was so happy to feel the drops of rains on my hand that I took myself to the extreme edge of the roof, which had no railing to support my balance. My mother was busy with her household work. One of our neighbours recognized me from their window and immediately rushed to our house shouting for help and to inform my mother.

That rainy day could have become the last day of my life if my mother didn’t reach the roof almost at the right time. Like any other child of that age, I was curious and unaware of the upcoming dangers. I can say that was the only scary rainy day of my life. After that I realized the severity of the situation. A rainy day becomes heavenly beautiful, especially when the eyes see the unexplainable sight of the rainbow. The spectacular sight used to make me speechless. If I ever get to see such a beautiful moment, I immediately take pictures and capture the memory of the moment in my photo album.