Short Paragraph on the “Rainy Season”


A rainy season after a long scorching summer brings joy in the heart. What I like about the rainy season?

Well, you can say there is almost nothing which I don’t like about this lovely monsoon weather.

The air, the smell of the wet soil, the food my mother prepares and the sound of large rain drops in the middle of the night – I just adore them. So tough to decide whether to get myself soaked or to listen to my mother so that I don’t get sick. Me and my sister literally scream with joy and go to the roof to enjoy every bit of the drops when the rain starts.


I guess most of us would agree to the fact that the value of the rainy season is more comprehensible only after a long unbearable summer. Feels like it takes the heat along with it. There is going to be a respite from the sufferings for some time now. Rainy season is the best for agriculture. Our farming fields need the water of the first rain for proper harvesting. The farmers eagerly wait for the rainy season to begin some important crop harvesting.

I see lively green plants wherever I look during the rainy season. It feels like the plants never looked so alive before. The rainy season in India generally starts from July and continues till August. A rainy season is a blessing for our country. The rain water assists in the agriculture. This season becomes the biggest source of fresh water supply to the rivers and ponds that get dry during the summer. This in return solves the problem of water in many poor households.


A small downside to the rainy season could be the outbreak of water related diseases. As rain water can swipe the dirt’s of the land to the river, a direct exposure to the infectious river water can give several digestive diseases. It’s best to drink only treated water during this time. Apart from that, I think the rainy season is very much desirable in our country from every perspective. By the way, my birth month comes during this season.

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