Colors have always been an indivisible element of the existence of humankind.

When the colors make the environment livelier, the gloominess flies far away.


Colors make a huge difference on the mood of a man. Not only man but the animals also change their mood in accordance with the colors. Thus, colors comprise a great impact on all living organisms. Bright color is a sign of calmness and peace; whereas dark color is a sign of uproar and annoyance. Colors even affect the health of humankind. For an instance, if a child is closed in a room whose walls are painted grey then that child starts coughing continuously. This is the effect of colors on human life.

Natural colors:

Our colorful world consists of seven natural colors that we get to see in a rainbow. These colors include blue, red, yellow, indigo, orange, and violet. These are considered as the natural colors. A rainbow looks very serene. There are various other natural colors available in this colorful world. The perfect combination of two colors can create another color which is completely different from the source colors.

Artificial colors:


The colors that are made by men are called as artificial colors. These colors can vary in a wide range since they are artificial. White is considered as the fundamental or universal color because it is used to form several other colors.


Colors play an important role in the life of living organisms. They provide vision to the living organisms. In this colorful world, we get to see several colors. This nature has provided different colors to different things such as different colored flowers, different colored butterflies, different colored human bodies, different colored fruits, and much more. These colors provide the power to live a life with many types of moods. In short, life is nothing without these colors.


Nature has provided man with different kinds of changing colors. Let’s have an example of the sky. It is clean and blue but it turns dark when the rain starts. In the morning and evening, it gives the reflection of sunrays. The sunrays reflected from the sky are actually manifested from the clouds. During the night time, the sky turns completely dark with blue colored stars spread everywhere.

Let’s have another example. Look at the sea! It seems blue when we give a look at it from the long distance but it appears white when we come closer to it. In this colorful world, we get to see different colored aquatic and terrestrial animals. Fishes, tortoise, crocodiles, etc have different colors given by nature. We can see different colored butterflies, birds etc.


In this way, color gives a strength and purpose for living. The nature has attained the ultimate balance by connecting colors with the moods, emotions, and feelings of humankind. No one can imagine a life without these colors. In fact, life will become meaningless without colors.