Paragraph on Computer Education – by Rajan Karle



Computer education has become the specification of modern education system and also a blessing.

The electronic device, called computer, has changed the method of working in all kinds of professions.

Thus, the computers the latest gift of science have become an integral and essential part of today’s education.With the birth of the computer it was known as analog computer and now it is known as digital machine and personal computer.



Computer education plays an imperative role in each and every field. Information processing and data transfer are done at incredible speed. The humanity is benefitted through computer education in fantastic range of field. Computers are useful into the medical sector with high reliability. The software industry completely depends on this electronic device. Wherever you go, you will find the use of a computer. The computers are used in today’s education system in various forms. Let’s consider a few important sides of the use of computers in modern education.

Basic knowledge:

There is a great impact of computer technology on education. It is regarded as the chief part of the syllabus and core curriculum activities in many schools and college.Basic knowledge of the computers is imparted in primary label. The basic knowledge of computer involves the well-organized storage and interpretation of the information, swift processing of the information, and more prominently the saving of documents.

Advanced knowledge:


As the student goes into the high school or college, it becomes necessary to get the advanced knowledge of the computers. It includes the understanding of different computer programming languages as well as the hardware parts. The computer education is considered as enduring and unending.

Distance learning:

The term internet is directly connected with the computers. Today’s computer education includes some of the time and money saving distance learning programs. In this kind of learning, students are not required to go anywhere. They don’t need to attend the classroom sessions. By means of distance learning, now they can do any course simply by sitting at the home.


A person who has completed computer education can make use of this knowledge in various forms. He or she can make good use of the storage and presentation facilities provided by the computers. There are various modes of presentations such as PowerPoint. There are various animation software available that aid in editing the images as well as the videos. There is a wide range of storage options available.

The computer education teaches you how to make phone calls or video calls using computer and the internet.


There is no doubt that the computers have always been extremely advantageous to the education system. This multifunctional device can be used for any purpose. On the other hand, it also provides many fun giving functions such as playing the games, listening to the music, watching the movies, and many other entertaining activities. When you actually understand the utilization manners of the computers you truly realize the worth of it.

Thus, irrespective of the purpose, whether you need a job, you wish for the entertainment, you want to grab the knowledge or simply you crave to be connected with the world; computer education is essential and a must to keep pace with the world.

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