Paragraph on Computer Lab In My School – by Shanu


Computers are used in almost every walk of life. Actually we live in a time where everything is largely dependent on the use of the computers.

They have a wide variety of applications in science, education, defense, business and many other sectors.

Computer education in school helps the children to get access to the extensive world of information. Students can find any information that they desire with the help of a computer. Almost every school nowadays has a computer lab of their own. Such labs are quite imperative in educating the children about the wise and efficient use of the computer.


Children can learn to make various subject related researches using the computer; also they can use it to make various projects in school. Likewise my school also has a very high facility computer lab. My school computer lab has a great many utilities which help us in understanding the various aspects of the subject.

Key Features:

My school computer lab is very special because it incorporates a great many of essential and useful features in itself. The lab houses more than 20 computers and the computers in the lab have the recent versions of the software. It has a hard writing surface on each computer table, so that the students have no problem while taking notes. My school computer lab also has a high speed internet with which helps us greatly in doing any research work.


It also has a whiteboard and flip chart sheets as well as markers for making it simpler to teach for the teachers. Additionally, the school computer lab has convenient air circulation system. A good air circulation system is quite important in a computer lab for mainly two reasons, firstly so as to protect the components from overheating and secondly for the comfort of the users.

Importance of a Lab:

As said earlier, our lives in these modern times are heavily dependent on the use of computers. We need to make the future generation well equipped with the use of computers. Hence, it is highly imperative to include computer education in the school curriculum. My school computer lab, like other labs essentially provides access to various resources to the students.

It also helps in teaching the students about the versatile nature of the computers. It is actually the same multi faceted nature of these machines that make them highly important for the students. Whether it is for research purposes, or for creating a digital document on it or for taking out a print out of your document, computer labs are one resource that are critical for almost everyone in the school.


Since its launch, computers have been the way towards the future. It is predicted that in the future almost 97% of our daily activities will depend in one way or the other on the use of computers. The educators at my school have understood the importance of computer education and they are doing everything in their hands to give it to each and every one of its students. Providing us with computer labs is one great step take by the school authorities towards teaching computer literacy within the school.

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