Short Paragraph on My Computer (450 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on My Computer !

Today each one of us is surviving in a modern digital era. Almost every work is done with the help of technology.

Since computers are invented their use is increasingly gaining popularity in terms of individuals & organizations as well.


People of all ages these days have seen & know a little bit on how to operate a computer. Computers have completely revolutionized our lives and made our living much easier. Internet has altered our communications & attitudes with each other. Snow mails and fax are history today.

Every house today has at least one computer along with the internet access. With the increase in the usage, the charges for internet are relatively faster and cheaper than olden times. With the help of computers we can now communicate with our dear ones in any part of the world. Like many other people I too have an Apple computer, model number Mac OS X. My computer is my most valued possessions as technology is a necessary evil now days.


However there are many disadvantages of using internet because some anti social elements disturbs our society by affecting the environment of peace and harmony.

But still the benefits of technology outweigh the disadvantages. Whenever I have my computer right in front of me, I am always assured that all my work will be done in no time. No matter where I move I am always comfortable as far as I have my computer and internet connection with me. I can never imagine my life without my computer.

I love my computer. It was gifted to me by my parents on my 18th birthday. I can never get bored with my computer because I can watch movies online, watch you tube videos, news, play games, read articles, read study material and read online newspapers. I can also chat with my friends online and social networking sites are a big source of spending quality time online with friends. I can also call my cousins and friends located in various parts of the world through Skype. I can now sit online to complete my assignments with ease. Everything is as simple as the click of a mouse button.

Computers are also blessing to various businesses. My dad is a Chartered Accountant. He also uses computer to do lot of work online. We can pile hundreds of files together inside the computer. Looking for any document is far easy as compared to searching it physically because it can be done by simple click in search button. Accessing is done faster and easier and takes a few seconds. Internet comes along with various other evils but it’s up to mankind on how he uses this technology to his advantage.

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