Environmental security is a complex relationship between the security of humans, nature and the environment.

In the last few decades, environmental security has been made a matter of huge concern by researchers and publications all around the world.

The International Environmental Policy has also come into existence for the same reason. A lot of importance is attached towards environmental security.

What is International Environment Policy?

The International Environmental Policy helps to promote sustainable development and environmental protection all across the globe. The International agreement laid by this policy explains the targets and standards to conserve nature and its valuable resources. These resources are subsequently reviewed, discussed & further developed at international conferences.


In the year 1992 the UN conference on environment and development was held at Brazil (in Rio de Janeiro). In the last few decades it was a very important conference held at international level on environment issue. This conference resulted in important agreements for the International Environmental Policy.

Present scenario about the Environmental Security:

A present comprehensive overview about the field of environmental security observes the following facts:


a. The environmental security is the most transnational issue that we are facing today. Its security is an important dimension of human rights, national security and peace that is understood by mankind.

b. In the coming hundred years 1/3rd of the global land will be facing issues in terms of restoration, management, conservation and ecosystem services.

c. Environmental security is a kind of national security. It consists of the dynamics of the economic engine for regional and local stability, the social fabric of a state as a whole and the natural resource base and their interconnections.

Why Environmental Security is important?

Environment Security holds value to human beings. The ecosystem generates clean air, water, medicine & food. These are the basic life supporting elements & human beings are neglecting to maintain them for future as well as current generations. But now it’s high time to take this matter seriously because if taken for granted, the consequences may be disastrous. This may result in conflict in global, national, regional, human or local level in the coming future.