Short Paragraph on Environmental Pollution


Environment sustain human life. Environment has essentials like health, air and water. There is a gigantic improvement in human life because of the revolution in science and technology.

The creation of imbalance between the man and the nature is also increased. The serious threat of the present time is POLLUTION.

The environment is badly effected by pollution. The major pollution are Air pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution. The ecology is has been immensely imbalanced.


Big industries thriving and offering us life comforts have a significant contribution to this. Manufacturing industries are the biggest sources of hazardous chemicals. The by products of their manufacturing process should be carefully handled. But they are not in reality. People in industrial area do not breath fresh air. The water is polluted by the industrial waste which is a threat not only to the river but also to the animals and plant.

Some of the extremely poisonous toxins are drained in the rivers, which are responsible for water contamination and also contaminates fish and other aquatic animals which we eat. The polluted river water used for irrigation which not only poll So, this is one ugly side of the environmental pollution. Our dense forest make to help balance of nature. Forest have been destroyed.


As a result Pollution is caused by release of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere and nature’s balance will be lost. Urbanisation has led to unhealthy living Air, Water, and Environmental Pollution have endangered the life on this planet.

To prevent environmental pollution, we need strict rules and strict implementation. There has to be punishments in the form of heavy penalties on deforestation. Deforestation and environmental pollution are considered one of the contributing factors to global warming. Do you know trees absorb the greenhouse gases apart from the carbon emissions? They need them to produce oxygen. With the decreasing number of trees, the barren lands will become inappropriate for agriculture.

So, stop deforestation and environmental pollution if you want to secure your future. There is a great need to purify the Environmental Pollution to balance the ecology and live in harmony with nature.

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