Paragraph on the Problems of Pollution


Pollution these days are at an alarming rise and the after effects that they bring around is just so disastrous.

The environment around is being polluted by various human activities and as a result, the rise of various diseases are also on the high.

Land, water and air, all modes are being polluted by human activities and they are more where the population is dense.


There are many problems that arise due to pollution. It is a chain reaction rather than being focused on one single aspect. It is estimated that about 40% of deaths occur because of pollution happening around at an increasing rate. Be it air, water or land, the extend of pollution has become so intense that people across the globe are suffering due to these hazards.

The after effects of pollution are chronic. Millions of people are affected by lung cancer, allergic asthma, acute bronchitis and so on, only because of heavy air pollution that is caused by factories, by their waste products, automobiles and so on. With populations increasing near the river banks or water bodies, the level of pollutants are also increasing, thereby making water unusable and highly dangerous for life in water. Land pollution is on the ever rise, with garbage being disposed on barren grounds that even have plastics which is not degradable, leading to heavy pollutants on land.


Apart from these hazards, pollution is rising at every level. From ground waters to the deepest oceans, and back to the skies, every single aspect is being polluted in such a manner that, life is at threat. With the usage of more and more pollutants for yielding more benefits and profits, people used highly toxic chemicals, which indirectly interferes the ecosystem and creates an imbalance in the life cycle of nature.

The problems caused by pollution have become so much on the rise, that now people have started realizing the impact and nations have already started making their first moves to keep the environment at a cleaner, safer and beautiful place to live in, rather than being caught in the hands of dangerous life threating disease cause by the usage of all these chemicals and sound and other pollution. It is high time to think to stop and stop to think damaging effects of pollution.

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