Here is your short paragraph on Effects of Pollution on Environment!

The term “environment” refers to the immediate surroundings in which man lives. It comprises of living and non-living constituents that support life and sustain various human activities.

Pollution affects both, the living as well as the non-living components of the environment.

It brings about drastic changes in the physical environment caus­ing community wide problems by polluting the air, water and land; adversely affecting the health of humans and animals, and damaging plants and prop­erty. Besides there are effects of noise pollution and the hazards associated with radiation pollution.


As environmental stress on the human body increases, many medical scientists fear a terminal increase in infectious disorders not only because of lower body resistance but because viruses and other disease organisms will increasingly slip through water treatment and food processing plants as the quality of water and food at the intake deteriorates.

On plants, the adverse effects range from reduction in growth rate to death of the plant. The damage caused to plants by pollution includes necrosis (dead areas on a leaf structure), chlorosis (loss or reduction of chlorophyll leading to yellowing of leaf), epinasty (downward curvature of the leaf due to higher rate of growth on the upper surface) and abscission of leaves (premature fall).