Paragraph on My Environment – by Anand



The environment consists of the land, the air, the water, the flora and fauna and all the other elements which surround us.

The relationship of man and environment is closely knit. This relationship helps in maintaining the balance of nature.


The word environment is expressed in different ways by scientists, biologists, geologists and environmentalists. Environment protects man and man maintains the environment in return.

Types of Environment:


The classification of environment is usually done into two types; natural and artificial. The natural environment consists of air, water, soil, grass, timber, forest, wildlife etc. This environment existed prior to man. The other environment comprises houses, buildings, technology, transportation, aesthetics, utilities etc. The artificial environment was created by man and it is gradually hampering the natural environment.

The Biosphere and the Flora and Fauna:

The biosphere is the region of the surface and the atmosphere of the earth. The biosphere is the place where the living organisms exist. The air of my environment consists of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases. We require the oxygen to breathe. We exhale carbon dioxide. The land, air and water make up the biosphere and they help in the sustenance of human beings. Co-existence of all three is indispensable for our environment.

The environment which surrounds me consists of flora as well as fauna. Flora is the plant life and fauna is the animal life. There are many different species of animals in the environments. There are carnivores and herbivores. Carnivores are the meat-eating animals and herbivores eat only plants. Apart from this, there exist many different species of plants. The plants grow leaves and bear flowers. These plants add to the aesthetic beauty of the environment.

Artificial Environment:

Man has built the artificial environment. This is the environment which mostly comprises my environment. There are huge buildings, a number of residences, recreation parks, cinema halls, malls, shopping centers, markets, office areas etc. The artificial environment caters to the more worldly needs of man and helps in fulfilling them. Man has made this environment for his own pleasure and satisfaction.



Pollution is the biggest threat to the natural environment posed by the artificial environment. There is air, water and noise pollution which affect the environment around us. Man is responsible for the same as man destroys the trees, forests, greenery etc. so as to increase the production of paper, wood, gum, and other products which will satisfy his needs.


My environment, though beautiful and lively, is under serious threat by the actions of the individuals today. We should try to lessen the inhumane activities of cutting down forest cover and deforestation so that the greenery of the earth is maintained and pollution is lessened. People should take the first initiative in not contributing to the pollution. Everyone must join hands to protect the environment.

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