Paragraph on Keeping Our Environment Clean – by Sandipan


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” justly quoted Mahatma Gandhi.

The environment is complex and comprehensive, and consists of all that surround us.

The nature’s bounty is indeed the most expensive and priceless thing that the human civilisation could ever experience. The environment has always fulfilled the needs of humans along with making their existence peaceful. But some of the inhuman creatures (humans) fail to understand the grandness and value of the environment, and thus indulge themselves in destroying the environment so as to satisfy their interminable greed.


In the past there was simplicity, tranquillity, sociability, and spirituality that have now been lost. With the rapid industrial growth and scientific developments, the environment has degraded to a greater extent, thereby making the existence of the mankind risky. There also been an over-growing concern regarding to the drastic depletion of earth resources. The environmental pollution problem is prevailing worldwide and the environmentalists have started to predict the impending danger. The mankind is still unaware of the concealed danger.

In the present scenario, conservation and protection of the environment has been a worldwide concern. It is not an alternative rather a necessity for us to keep our environment clean and adorn it with various elements of flora and fauna. Citizen of every country should start realising the importance of environment and should unite themselves in this great task of safeguarding the environment.


In order to protect the environment, afforestation should be done at a regular period of time. Each one should take up the slogan of “Each one, Plant one”. There should be check in the number of industries that release various noxious fumes, dust, and corrosive gases which are unfit for the existence of both flora and fauna. Moreover, the sewerage and factory wastes should be treated before discharging it into rivers, seas, and streams. It should be ensured that vehicles are properly tuned and maintained so as to reduce the pollution.

Pollution control equipment should be installed in every corner of the country. There should be wide use of eco friendly devices. Various environmental programmes should be organised, so as to create awareness among the people. We should all adopt the policy of “Sustainable Development” which aims at meeting the needs of present generation without compromising the needs of future generation by efficient and judicious use of earth’s natural resources.

Having said so, it is our moral duty as a responsible citizen to keep the environment clean. It is not only the need of the hour but it is also imminent that we take strong initiatives to bring about a change in ensuring that the future generation is gifted with a clean environment. It is rightly said, if we want a change, we have to be the reason for it.

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