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Short Paragraph on Environmental Pollution

Environment sustain human life. Environment has essentials like health, air and water. There is a gigantic improvement in human life because of the revolution in science and technology. The creation of imbalance between the man and the nature is also increased. The serious threat of the present time is POLLUTION. The environment is badly effected […]

Short Paragraph on Effects of Pollution on Environment

Here is your short paragraph on Effects of Pollution on Environment! The term “environment” refers to the immediate surroundings in which man lives. It comprises of living and non-living constituents that support life and sustain various human activities. Pollution affects both, the living as well as the non-living components of the environment. It brings about […]

Short Paragraphs on Pollution and Pollutant

Here is your short paragraph on pollution and pollutant ! Pollution: The word pollution has been taken from the Latin word Pollutionem, meaning defilement from polluere, to soil or defile (make dirty). Later on Oxford English Dictionary used the word pollute with reference to physical contamination of terrestrial or aquatic environments in the nineteenth century. […]

Short Paragraph on Pollution (352 Words)

Read this short paragraph on Pollution (352 Words) ! Pollution is a serious issue affecting our planet today, yet many people continue to turn a blind eye thinking that it’s not that serious. Pollution as is described is the addition of substances to the environment faster that the environment can dispose, recycle, decompose, or store […]

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