Heaven’s last best gift is to have a good neighbor. A good neighbor is nothing but the additional family member.

There are a lot of qualities and features that mark the neighboring person as a good neighbor.

In short, a good neighbor is the one who stands beside us when we are in trouble and extends all possible help. That person not only shares the sorrow but also equally contributes the moments of happiness.


A neighbor is a person living next to our home. He can be an individual or a family man. A good neighbor is a term that speaks more about the good traits of the person. The word “good” implies his qualities. However, nowadays it has become difficult to get a good neighbor. The world is moving fast, everyone is busy in certain tasks to survive in the growing competition. As a result, there are less probabilities of knocking the door of a neighbor. In many cases, it has been seen that many people even don’t know who is living in the house next to their own home. Thus, good neighbors are rare and only the lucky ones find such neighbors.



A good neighbor is not the one who demands something but he is the one who loves giving or sharing. It can be anything, chilly powder or the milk, the sorrow or the happiness. A good neighbor always shares the aforesaid things equally.

A good neighbor is not someone who runs away in case of emergencies, but he is the one who takes a day leave from his job to help you in troubling situations. He never shows off or doesn’t want you to speak about his help.


He shares everything with you and your family. If he belongs to another religion then he invites you in their festivals as well as participates in the events held at your home. He is the one who helps to clean the house when the party or function is over.

He equally respects the privacy of people living beside him. He can also be the one who takes care of your child when you are in need.


Though receiving a good neighbor has become rare, we can self start the process of being good. If we take initiative to become a friend of our neighbor then we can definitely receive the same honor in return. It is said that friendship begins when we first become the friend of others.