Short Paragraph on My Neighbor (375 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on My Neighbor!

We all live in a society and we all have neighbors. But how many of us have really good and loyal neighbors? Some of us don’t even know who stays next door! That is how things have changed in the modern world.

Yet others on the other hand have great neighbors, who live more, like a family and enjoy each other’s company.


I live in an apartment and I too have a lovely and nice neighbor. They came to this apartment after we had been here for more than a year. At first since my parents and they were also working, we did not have much time to speak to each other.

Gradually, we started mingling and talking and I had a company in that house, a boy of my age. So we became friends quickly and that led to the fast growth of our families’ relationship too. We invite them for birthdays and special occasions and they also invite us when they have something special at their home.


Apart from celebration, they are also very helping people. Once my sister fell down, it was the uncle of that house who took her to the hospital as my parents had just gone out for something very urgent and similarly my parents have also helped them when they required help. Now most of the evenings, either we go there to play or my friend comes over to play and our moms discuss and talk so many matters while we play. For any emergency, we could rely on each other and we have no problems over it.

I am glad that we happened to have such a good neighbor, who is very helpful and caring and we also like them very much. They take good care of us and we also return the same. We discuss many matters, sometime go outings together, yet we have a boundary and know how to maintain it. This is what makes both our family united and happy and almost be like one family.

I love them very much and I wish we do not have to separate for any reason. Good neighbors are hard to find and we are lucky to have one.

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