Is Science a curse of blessing? I see it could be both. It’s so unfortunate that some scientific inventions are used for for mass destruction to have supremacy of power.

Mans best is used for mans worst. Only humans can be so mean to make a bad use of such a wonderful thing.

Science has made our life easier and comforting. Science is a blessing because it has given us a civilized life with many privileges that once mankind never could think about.

Why science is a blessing? Because it has the power to make the world a better place to live. With scientific advancements, now researchers can help humans get over severe medical abnormalities which earlier used to be seen as irrecoverable. Science has helped us find out reasons for many complicated diseases. For example, the first stage of cancer is now treatable. With the help of science and scientific research many expensive treatments have become affordable for common people.


It’s science which protects us from many natural calamities. Scientific experiments help researchers know about many possible life threatening natural disasters in advance. Again, it’s science which has helped humans develop advance machineries to detect the natural disasters.

For example, science has helped human being find out reasons for global warming. We now know what is global warming, what are its triggers and how we can stop them. Science is a compulsory subject for child education. We learn about it and its importance. If there were no science, we couldn’t have a modern life.


However, there is another side of science. Science can not be a curse to the point where it doesn’t cause any harm to mankind. The moment we use it for personal gains, it becomes a weapon of destruction. Science has made information available to everybody. While this is excellent for increasing awareness and improvement of knowledge, an easy access to all kinds of information is often misused by the dishonest people.

This is the most obvious reason of many unfortunate events taking place in our society. I think the use of science should be restricted only to the good and constructive purpose. If selfish people with motives of self gains use the harmful side of science, safety and welfare of human life will become a question.