Read this short paragraph about Advantages and Disadvantages of Science!

In today’s world it’s almost impossible to live without science. We use science all the time in different aspects of our daily life.

The world would be a certainly different place to live in without cell phones, airplanes, computers and other gifts from science. All the technology devices need power to run and without science, it would be impossible to produce the much needed electricity to run the various devices

Thanks to science, we now know more about our planet and how things work and are continually trying to discover more. Science is used in many homes from the kitchen, sitting room among other places.


Science is used to develop cures for various diseases, provide food and in building of major cities around. Science makes life easier for humans. People can now travels from one place to another do business, go for vacation etc.

With the increasing population, it’s important to device ways to ensure everyone has enough food; science is widely used to discover new and better ways to produce food for the ever rising population. The advancement in technology is another gift by science; technology makes work easier and faster for people


Though science is a major blessing to the human race, it also has its disadvantages. As man continues to advance and automate everything pollution continues to increase. The machinery developed pollutes the air, which reduces the life of man. The introduction of various pollutants in the human body often leads to complications and diseases, which significantly reduces the human life.

With the advanced capabilities of science, people can now develop serious weapons that lead to the destruction of cities and the death of thousands of people. The ability of man to produce such weapons encourages nations to fight each other. Though science has been a blessing to the human race, we cannot outweigh its disadvantages.

Concisely science has its advantages and disadvantages it’s up to us to decide whether we want to use to better our lives or destroy it. The future depends on how we decide to use science. Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the future or how advanced science will be in the future; we can only hope that it will be more of a blessing than a curse.