Paragraph on “Magic of Science”


There is magic behind everything that you see and what happens around you. It is impossible to imagine our life without scientific invention or discovery.

The magic is even more greater as science has bestowed various blessing on man kind.

And you come to know the science behind those wonderful magic happenings. All our day to day activities are associated with scientific instruments. Basically the magic of science refers to the contribution of science to the advantages medicine and technology. For all the happenings that take place around us, there is perfect science that is applied in.


If one goes on a detailed research, it would be really surprising to know the wonders of science that goes behind every happening or anything for that matter that happens around you. The touch, the feel is all electric signals that are being sent to our brains. Even the most unexciting things come to become magical and interesting, when explained with the science behind it. The influence of science and technology is seen in every walk of life.

Apart from the natural happening, the magic of science and technology have also helped man in various other means. With the development in the magic of science, health and medicine has been advanced, technology and growth has been taking place and man has been growing in every aspect of life.


The magic of science is so beautiful that each happening around us has a reasoning and the reasoning is something that craves man to learn more. The more you explore, the more you discover and with each discovery, you would be left with more questions that for which answers may have to be searched for. Science is magic and the magic of science has been implemented in all that one does on a day to day basis in our lives.

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