Paragraph on The Internet Revolution (325 Words)


Paragraph on The Internet Revolution

The internet revolution has brought us an entirely new communication model. We now have fast wireless connectivity for data transfer, messaging and web surfing wherever we want.

The internet system has made long distance communication easier and cheaper. We don’t deny the safety issues associated with this though.


Thousands of computers interconnected through this networking system can be hacked and confidentiality of information can be breached. But that doesn’t restrict the use of this excellent mean of fast communication.

The internet revolution has been the core inspiration for many new business ideas. The rise in online retailing business is strictly dependant on internet connectivity. Even consumers find online shopping convenient and time friendly. Internet communication is the must for city life. Mobile internet helps us keep things handy and organized. We now can transfer or share a heavy size file from a portable handy device in a couple of minutes. Fast speed internet connectivity has made life simpler and better. There is actually no other better way than this which we can use for faster connectivity in between thousands of computers.


The internet revolution has brought us excellent mediums for social networking, online advertising and extensive branding. The social networking website like Facebook now helps small business owners market their products and services in a cost effective way, which was literally impossible earlier. Sites like Twitter and LinkdIn will have no existence without it. Facebook now helps us keep Think about Google. It’s the world’s largest search engine company at present. Google is now a multi billionaire and diversified company which started as a search engine site initially. It helps people search about anything on the internet. The internet is like a vast online library. There is almost nothing about which you won’t be able to find information online. It’s a huge pool of data and knowledge. Living without internet is almost like living without breathing. Can you do it?

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