Short Paragraph on Internet (410 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Internet!

Internet is amongst the greatest invention of mankind. Internet is useful for people of all ages.

You can easily use internet and get lots of valuable information such as weather forecast, latest political news, Hollywood/ Bollywood updates, news related to medicine, literature, software, business, leisure etc.


You can also use internet to communicate with your dear and near ones in any part of the globe that too at cheap economical prices.

Internet is a big blessing to students and professors. Students can log on to internet and browse various subjects to complete their projects, assignments and update their subject related knowledge. Professors & teachers from prestigious universities can teach online to impart knowledge to their students residing abroad. Internet also enhances our historical knowledge. Internet has replaced snow mails and fax.


Useful things come along with many disadvantages as well so is the internet. Because children below 18 years of age log on to visit various sites that they are not supposed to visit. Also hackers tend to violate people’s privacy and security by gathering and stealing information & then selling it to other people.

Due to all these activities now-a-days many banks are trying to increase their internet security because they use internet as well to run their administration. But the advantages of internet overweight the disadvantages. People consider internet as a necessary evil. They fail to imagine their lives without internet. Now-a-days you can get cheap internet connection through private as well as government organizations. Government also uses internet to run its automated tax processing system.

You can even send an e-mail with the help of internet. The cost of sending an e-mail is much less as compared to cost of making calls through internet. Internet allows you to enjoy gaming, music, chatting, and movies with your friends. At the same time it also helps you to share your ideas and views about global affairs by just pressing few simple keys. Many businesses are solely run through Electronic commerce or Ecommerce. Internet has endless possibilities.

Government is also trying to introduce computer literacy programs in colleges and schools for economic growth & development. Majority of the houses has internet connections and computers these days. Every business no matter big or small require internet to market and run its activities smoothly. The main advantages of internet includes-

· High speed of access

· Large volumes useful information


· Good source of entertainment

· Low cost

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