In my view, one should visit at least one foreign country in his or her lifetime.

It gives you an understanding about the culture, traditions and the manner of living of people of those countries.

This knowledge helps you in seeing everything with a different, as well as a bigger perspective.

Such a trip enables you to take a break from your normal day to day routine and at the same time you can enhance your knowledge about the world. I got my chance of making a visit to a foreign country last month, when during my vacations my family took me to Singapore. We boarded the flight from Delhi and reached Singapore after 7 hours. I have always believed that the experiences that one gains with such trips helps in discovering some new ways of life and at the same time makes them wiser.

About The Place:


Geographically it is located in Southeast Asia and covers a land area of about 710 square kilometers. Singapore is said to be a cosmopolitan city which is populated by high-rise buildings and lush green gardens. One can find people of the various ethnicities and beliefs co-existing in peace here. It is blessed with a unique blend of beauty with progressiveness. It was established by Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1819 as a trading post.

Since its founding the city of Singapore has attracted hundreds of migrants from the neighboring Asian countries of China, India and Eurasia. Having a multi-racial society Singapore is as diverse as it is harmonious.

Major Attractions in Singapore:


Singapore has been favored by many foreign tourists due to a great many places of many tourist attractions in the country.

Some of them are as follows:

1. Universal Studios Singapore

2. Singapore Zoo

3. Boat Quay & Clarke Quay

4. Singapore Botanical Gardens


5. Singapore Flyer

6. Singapore Science Centre

7. Little India Singapore

8. National Museum of Singapore


All these places make your visit unique and cherish able. You enjoy greatly in these places. Especially the visit to the museum was quite knowledgeable. Everything about this country reflects about the level of prosperity and development which this country has achieved. Due to this visit I came to know a great many things about this country which otherwise I would have never known. Thus, as I had said earlier a visit to a foreign country makes one come to know more about that country.