Paragraph on Visit to a School Library- by Shanu


It is said that sometimes reading brings out a radical change in the nature of a person.

The habit of reading is the best way to pass leisure time. A good book is always able to elevate spirits.

Libraries are the best way to inculcate the reading habit in children. They are specially designed to fulfill that purpose.


There is a saying that a person, who keeps himself occupied with books, will never lose the peace of his mind. Keeping this thought in mind, yesterday I made a visit to a school library. This school is in my neighborhood, and it is quite famous in our city for its vast collection of books.

About the Library:

The library that I visited yesterday is a huge hall and has glass partitions which divide it into different sections. It has a variety of sections as literature, history, mathematics, fiction, nonfiction, music, sports and many other fields. I visited the children’s books section which was comparatively larger.


This section had many good books. In addition to story books, I also found some science books which explained various fundamentals of science with the help of day to day examples. This library was designed aptly for helping students to do their research. In fact, it also had a section with four computer systems, as so much information is available from the net also.

Benefits of the Visit:

I learnt a great many things from this visit to the library.

I have jotted down these points below:

1. Library is the vast source of information. Anyone who wishes to do any research must visit a library.

2. Library gives you a quiet environment where you can read your book peacefully.

3. If visiting a library is made a habit, one can also develop the habit of reading which is highly beneficial in improving one’s thinking.


4. Libraries provide the opportunity to people for developing various skills in themselves.

All in all, libraries can do many amazing things. They can build strong connections in a community, and they can also spark new ideas in the people. It is because of these reasons that I believe that everyone should often make a visit to a school library.

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