Short Paragraph on My School Library (371 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my school library:

Every school has a library and like every school, even my school has a wonderful library. A library is a very important part of a school as it helps students to gain and acquire knowledge.

It is the heart and soul of a school as it provides lots of information and details that students would require.


Our school has a very large library. There are plenty number of books in the library. We have a librarian who keeps a track of all the books that go in and out of the library. We have an exclusive library period, where we are allowed to go and read books.

From small story books to large reference books, journals and magazines are all available in our library. They are all arranged in different sections, so that it becomes easy for those who search for a particular book. It helps students refer notes that they are looking for and helps in cultivating a reading habit too.


The librarian allocates cards to students and notes down details when a book is being lend from the library. Once the reference is over, then the book needs to be returned back to the library. We children usually read small story books or Children`s Knowledge bank book, but we have seen students from higher classes, visit library and note down points that they require for their learning. They sometimes even take books from library for reference.

The library is usually a very quiet place and it is often seen full with students and teachers refereeing notes that they require for the respective subjects that they are looking out for. There is a separate reading room in the library where students could go and read whatever they like, but maintain silence.

Lots of knowledge could be acquired from a library and our school library has a great collection of books, which makes this a lot easier for students to gather information.I like my library very much and I love spending time reading books, sitting in the reading room. It is so quiet that one could really enjoy reading and also study peacefully and learn a lot of great things in the world.

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