How severe is corruption in India?

Can I say I feel safe and blessed to live in my country given the rising number of scams, politically driven riots, rapes and mounting statistics of inflation?

Corruptions are now some inseparable part of India. Its root is so deep that the common people like you and me won’t find a trace of it.

The whole country runs on so vague political reforms and policies that some very honest men also become a part of it willingly or unwillingly. While some people have become one of the major pillars of corruption in India, some people are literally struggling to cope up with its devastating impacts.


Corruption in India has transferred power in the hand of wrong people. Those people have no intention to do anything good for the country. They are just some self-centered and dishonest species whom I think no better than the animals. They love their amplified power. They like to spread fear of power. They never mind to misuse the authority awarded and reap the benefits coming their way thereafter.

No respite from Indian corruption. The infection of corruption is deep and irreversible. Even the Indian law couldn’t escape from this deadly infection spreading through the Indian political and social systems. The Basic day to day life in India is a struggle. Despite having plenty of natural resources and human talent, our country couldn’t come out of the Nation’s biggest weaknesses – population and poverty.


The political leaders are no exceptions. They have a big role in encouraging corruption in India. Instead of trying to free this country from the legal and political drawbacks, they try to build a handicapped system so that they can continue encouraging unethical practices to increase self gains.

As the leaders in power don’t really want to free this country from corruption, we can’t really expect a clean and safe country at this moment. With the recent change in the Prime Ministerial candidate, we can only wish to see an improvement in the future. Let’s see what Mr. Narender Modi does for us. It’s not going to be an easy journey for him as eliminating all traces of corruption in India is now going to be a work of decades.