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Paragraph on Corruption in Public Life – by Rajan Karle

Corruption in public life is an observable fact that we regularly see, realize, and talk on. Corruption in public life has become chronic. Its roots are too much tough and gone too deep. When we delve deeply into the political and civic issues we find that the corruption has truly destroyed the entire string of […]

Short Paragraph on Corruption in India

How severe is corruption in India? Can I say I feel safe and blessed to live in my country given the rising number of scams, politically driven riots, rapes and mounting statistics of inflation? Corruptions are now some inseparable part of India. Its root is so deep that the common people like you and me […]

Short Paragraph on Jan Lokpal Bill

Here is your short paragraph on Jan Lokpal Bill! The Jan Lokpal Bill or commonly known as Citizen`s Ombudsmen Bill is an anti-corrupt bill that has been drawn by the prominent society activists, seeking the formation of a body that would check into the corruption cases, investigate it within a year and conduct trial within […]

Short Paragraph on Corruption (265 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on corruption! India is showing downward movement in Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International.  Corruption has increased in India in last year and all efforts to tackle this curse have failed badly. Recently, even Dr. Manmohan Singh has to accept Corruption as a major challenge in Indian Polity. In a […]

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