Short Paragraph on Education


Education is the backbone of a country. Education is like a burning lamp through which one is able to see himself and the world around him.

Life becomes valueless without education. Education makes one self reliant and develops ones self confidence as knowledge is believed to be power.

Education begins at home and in the process of Education ones mind gets opened up. After receiving informal Education the child enters school to receive formal education. The true function of Education is to build an integrated personality. Education does not mean accumulation of knowledge. The mind should learn to deem and discriminate. Education is a lifelong process.


i. For me, education is priceless. Nothing can actually replace its importance. What are its importance?

Education makes you knowledgeable, intelligent and independent. With education, we build specialized knowledge, increase awareness, develop the ability of making fair judgment and become self dependent. If you’re smart, independent and knowledgeable, nobody can fool you so easily. Education brings changes in the thought process. Through Education we think correctly and creatively. Education makes one disciplined. Education trains our moral sense. As you start to know and learn about different aspects, it gets easier for you to think dynamically. You learn to accept changes and become a flexible welcoming person.


This is why I think education makes us open minded. We get to know that a problem can be resolved different ways. However, your intention should be clear and honest to turn the real worth of education to the welfare of the society. Education is important for career achievements. It helps you become self dependent so that you can take care of your family. The success of democracy depend on the spread of Education. Primary Education should be made compulsory. No Education means exploitation. Education develops inquisitiveness and rational thinking. N educated girl is a wealth of a nation.

Another reason I admire education because it helps us develop the sense of right and wrong. It’s because education increase awareness. When you’re given a choice, if you’re aware of all aspects of that choice, you’ll be able to take better decision regarding whether to accept the choice or not. It always works in your favor. Education is important for self growth. It offers wisdom.

I think education builds human character. Education helps a child learn proper behavior and right manners. Education helps to develop real men who are going to be responsible for building a society eventually in the future. Education helps us become part of the civilized society. So, considering so many virtues associated with it, I think I can never disrespect the real importance of education.

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