Short Paragraph on “Knowledge is Wealth”


Knowledge is wealth as you can overcome many impediments and hazards of life with the help of your true knowledge.

Knowledge is wealth because this can help you learn the biggest lessons of life.

Gain as much knowledge as you can as it’s better to invest time in something which is constructive and beneficial for human welfare. Knowledge gives you power to survive the worst. So knowledge is not only wealth but also power.


I won’t mind to say I envy people with an excellent and profound knowledge base. They are confident, smart and can win over any kind of situation. Their greatest weapon is their knowledge. If they are knowledgeable, they are ready to face any challenge. It’s often said knowledgeable people are hard to convince.

It’s because they don’t follow the blind faith. They like to see and judge things from different perspectives. This is probably the reason why I like to be in the company of knowledgeable people. I get to learn positivity and many new constructive things. Knowledge gives ample opportunities for verification of truth. You can’t compare wealth in monetary term and wealth as knowledge distribution. They are incomparable. Knowledge can buy you the wealth you desire. When you’re knowledgeable, you are confident. Knowledgeable people are welcomed in every sector of life.


Knowledge makes you different from the others. Knowledge helps you to overcome bad influences. In other words, it helps you develop the sense of good and the bad. When you get familiar with numbers of social, political, environmental, relationship factors, when you study science and human nature, you get to know the most common influencing forces that can make or mar the future. When you’ve enough knowledge about a certain aspect, taking decisions gets easier. Knowledgeable decisions are successful most of the times.

If you’re clueless about a problem, the most desirable thing to do is trying to gain knowledge about that trouble creating factor or the situation. That way you will get to know it and find out ways to fight it eventually.

You can decide your own path and future. When you’re well informed, you’re less likely to make mistakes. Knowledge is also the biggest defence system. Because it gives you intimation about the worst and the probable consequences beforehand. Knowledge makes one very proud and develops a superior complex which is very detrimental for growth. On the other hand a real knowledgeable person is very meek and epitome of humility.

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