Short Paragraph on My Hobby Dancing


Short Paragraph on My Hobby Dancing !

Dancing is my hobby. These days many people irrespective of their age do dancing. While dancing all you need are comfortable shoes and clothes. For instance, you cannot dance ballet wearing loose shoes.

Similarly all kinds of clothes do not match the dance style. For instance, dancing ballet wearing loose clothes will give you a strange look.


The reason behind my dancing is my parents. They are a great source of inspiration for me. They dance with me so that I can dance and take my hobby forward. I never dance in the same style but I like to mix up everything. I know many types of dancing such as Jaz, tap, modern, hip hop, swing and western.

Each type of dance has its own way of moving and rhythm. One has to feel the rhythm & learn the style of dance. I dance because it is the best way to be healthy and keep myself fit. Dance makes me feel relax & happy.


Dancing will always remain a part of my life. It is a kind of sports that every generation enjoys. On every special occasion I feel like dancing. When I dance in the parties nobody can stop me from moving my feet fast in the rhythm of the music. Even if someone does that it’s like applying efforts to stop a natural-disaster. Since childhood dancing is & has been my passion always. Dancing allows me to express my emotions. No matter where I am if music strikes my ears I feel like dancing.

Dancing involves technique, timing, eye and hand coordination, rhythm, emotion and personality. I am always keen to learn new steps of dancing & practice it whenever I get spare time out of my busy school schedule.

I hope someday I will become a successful professional dancer. But right now I have to focus on my studies as well so I am unable to dedicate enough time to my dancing hobby. I am doing stage shows in dancing for 1 ½ years & I am planning to continue this as far as it is possible for me.

I have my dancing group names Hi-Voltage. There are 8 (4 boys and 4 girls) members in my group. Our group competes in competitions & performs at community events and schools.

Among all the forms of dancing I find hip hop quiet interesting and funny. This is because to learn hip hop neither you do not have to be a really good dancer nor you have to buy special clothes to perform it. You can simply wear loose pants & a Tshirt and dance. Every individual has its own unique style in hip hop. One thing which is important is you have to enjoy your dance. I dance because it makes me confident and I enjoy dancing.

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