Here is your short paragraph on my hobby:

I have a big list of all the things that I enjoy doing in my spare time. Some of them are cooking, singing, reading, listening music, gardening, playing basketball, playing guitar and many more. But out of them sightseeing is my favorite hobby.

Since I was a child I love sightseeing. My Dad takes me to various places like snake parks, museums, orphanage, zoos etc.

My liking for sightseeing was developed because of my Dad. Both my Mom & Dad accompanies me to go a long way ahead with my hobby.


I like seeing various things that nature has to offer us. Sightseeing includes visiting various sceneries & sights that the place has to offer. The only obstacle that gets in between my hobby is that I fail to devote much of my time to it because of my college lectures, tuitions and studies.

I want to visit endless adventurous places all around the world but there is a shortage of time & budget to do so. I encourage people to visit such places as it provides an individual with the opportunity to learn ample of new things. It widens the knowledge to a larger extent. From interesting wildlife, landscapes & other wonderful sceneries it has given me a various ways to explore and discover different places and learn many things.


Many people engage themselves in something as their hobbies to overcome boredom but for me sightseeing is a hobby which is an important part of my living. I enjoy sightseeing with my father at least two times a month.

It is a great hobby for people like me. Each time I discover something new about my hobby which keeps me moving to discover more and more with time.India is a land of diversity, due to which there are several places that one can opt to go for sightseeing such as arboretums, ancient parks, museums, zoos and many others. These places charge some access fee from the visitor that is much affordable even if your budget is low.

There is also a big scope for sightseeing apart from India like Hawaii, Mexico, Paris and Egypt. I have been visited some of these countries and one thing that I liked the most is the rich cultures. If given a chance I would love to visit many more countries and enjoy sightseeing as this is the best thing that I can do to enjoy. There are many things that nature has to offer us but they are left undiscovered because we hardly pay attention to them.