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I have many things that I enjoy from cooking, gardening, reading, listening to music and music but my most favorite hobby is sightseeing. I have loved sightseeing since I was a young child.

My father used to take us to different places like zoos, animal orphanage, snake parks etc. This is where I developed a liking for sightseeing to see what nature has to offer.


Sightseeing includes visiting places to view different sceneries that the place has to offer. One thing though that gets in the way of my hobby is lack of time, I would like to go for more sightseeing adventures than my time allows

I enjoy sightseeing and would encourage people to travel more as it gives allows one the opportunity to learn many things. From the beautiful wildlife, the landscapes, among other beautiful sceneries sightseeing gives me the opportunity to explore different places as I learn a thing or two.


Most people engage in their hobbies when they are bored but for me sightseeing makes part of my life. I make sure that I have gone sightseeing at least twice a month. Sightseeing is a great hobby for me but what I like most about it is that every time I go sightseeing, I learn something new every time.

In our country, there are dozens of places I can choose to go for sightseeing from museums, parks, zoos, arboretums, among others. People are often encouraged to explore their country and the fees that are charged to access these places are affordable

Besides visiting our country, some of the other countries I would love to go to Paris, Hawaii, Egypt and Mexico. I like enjoying different cultures and some of the countries I would love to visit have rich cultures that I would love to explore.

Given the opportunity, many people will surely enjoy sightseeing, as it’s an enjoyable activity. I would love to go sightseeing every day of the week but time isn’t on my side. Sightseeing not only allows me to view beautiful sceneries but gives me the chance to learn more about nature and what is has to offer.

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