Short Paragraph on My School Bag (346 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my school bag:

Every year when I have my school re-opening for the new academic year, my parents get me all new things. My uniforms, school bags, shoes, accessories and so on.

This time my school bag is something different from the usual kinds of school bags that my dad used to buy earlier.


Usually my dad buys the normal kind of school bags, but this time he bought the trolley kind of bag. It has a Barbie picture on it. The bag is pink in colour and is big enough to hold all my books. The Barbie picture at the front of the bag makes it very beautiful and is very colourful too.

The bag has a whistle attached at one of the zips, which makes t very interesting. Inside the bag, there are two sections, which make it easy to keep the text books and note books separately. Apart from the main pocket, the bag has three more sub pockets and two side pockets, making it more users friendly.


In one of the sub pockets is where Mom keeps my snack box and water bottle. During the rainy season, I could keep my umbrella in any of the side pockets.Since the bag is trolley kind, I need not carry all the time and put the weight on my back.

I could just drag it as it has wheels and this makes it easy for me to carry, even on days when the bag is heavy. Some of the students in my school also have similar bags. We find it easy to move around with these bags and since it has many pockets, it is easy to take many things at a time when required.

I like my bag very much and I had been longing for one with the picture of a Barbie doll. This time I got it and I will take good care of my bag, so that I could use it another year too. The bag is very convenient and I like it very much.

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