Short Paragraph on Violence (360 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Violence !

In this fast moving era, the most talked and seen act of today is Violence. Violence is seen in every aspect of life.

Be it to children, women, to family, elderly people and even to animals. Violence is basically an expression of anger and it could be triggered for various reasons.


It is an intentional use of force that would result in severe damages including death either to oneself, or to someone else or to the community.

The reason for such a behavior could be for many reasons. Unfavorable situations or circumstances may lead one to end up in any violent reaction. This usually happens with those who are short tempered or for those who find it to behave rationally in a changing environment. Studies show that, the external factors resulting in violence is less and it is more related to the genetic inherit.


Violence act is of many kinds. Either hurting oneself, avoiding others to an extent that they deprive themselves, sexual violence and so on. It could range from oneself to friends and family or even to a community. When violent behavior gets to a very bad extend among nations, it could lead to a war and history has proved it.

The ultimate aim is of an individual, though millions may have to suffer the outcome. In other cases the violence could be to oneself, where the person feels the external conditions could not be changed. In other situations, the individual would try to take over the command and show his anger to others in the family which is basically the reason for domestic violence. Violence against women, children and elders are all apart of domestic violence.

Man lives in a society and is a social animal. He needs to understand that all things may not be as he desires and needs to have a control over the situation. Though being short tempered is the reason, there a better ways to cultivate a better environment for such people with family support and help them get through this. Also practicing meditation or yoga helps one to have control of such situation and frustrations in life.

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