Short Paragraph on Youth (290 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on Youth !

For any kind of revolution, growth or betterment for a country, the youth is a requirement. They stand as a bridge between the passing generation and the future generations.

They help to bridge the gap and rectify the mistakes made by the past generation and bring in changes for the coming generation. For the betterment and growth of a country, the youth does play a vital role.


The youth does have influence in every sector they are in. Be it politics, economic development, nation building, combating corruption and so on.

How do they have so much of influence is one factor that needs to be understood. They are nearly 50 % of the developing world; they represent a challenge and an opportunity for the future developments. Like for example, in countries like Uganda where growth and development is required and where hunger needs to be bought down, these youths are great resources.


Youth participation in developments would strengthen young people`s abilities thereby meeting their own subsistence needs. This helps in promoting ownership and sustainability of interventions, helps to gain entries to targeted communities that would help in building up social capital and trust.

This is just one aspect of the economic side. Similarly, youth could bring in a lot of difference on the political aspects and other developments of the nation. Since they are packed with great resources of energy and ideas, great implementation for the betterment of the society could be brought in.

By raising voices and taking a bold step, they fear nothing in front of them and they strive to attain the target that they have set for themselves for the nation. Youth is the strength of today and the expectation of tomorrow.

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