Short Paragraph on Zoological Park


Here is your short paragraph on Zoological Park !

Almost all of us might have been to the zoological park at least once in our lives.

Zoological parks basically refers to wild life where a large population of wild animals like the elephants, bears, crocodiles, tigers etc would be looked after in a natural habitat, unlike the zoos.


However, to maintain a Zoological park is not that easy. One has to have the knowledge, experience and willingness for hard-work to get this into proper action.

Several factors are to be considered when trying to open up a Zoological park. It has to have great space area where animals could be in their natural habitat. Need to have lots of trees around, should be having ample space for public amenities like car parking, restaurants and toilets.


Regular water and electric supply should be provided with sufficient staff members to monitor all these. Once the park gets active, then the maintenance is the toughest task. This is an expensive and tedious process.

All animals should be taken good care off, vaccinated at periodic intervals; a good vetenary doctor needs to be made available, the male female ratio needs to be monitored, grass areas well maintained, along with good sign board and information on animals for proper research and study.

There are many zoological parks made across the globe, of which some of the important one in India includes Nandankanan Zoological Park, Alipore Zoological Park, Arignar Zoological Park, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Nehru Zoological Park, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and many more.

Zoological parks are best reserves for wild animals that are in the endangered species as they would be well taken care of in a natural habitat and would be seen to it that they are away from the danger to a certain limit.

Zoological parks also make it easy for us to have a closer look at the wild animals and to learn about them in detail. A place where children love and should be preserved to the coming generation also to understand the importance of natural habitats for animals.

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