Air Pollution: Paragraph on Causes of Air Pollution in India

Here is your short paragraph on the causes of air pollution in India !

Large amount of garbage, lack of sanitary facilities and sewer wastage are also responsible for air pollution.


Cigarette, biri, cigar, and hooka smoking have become a great pollutant of air both in urban as well as rural areas. The worst affected are the closed areas such as cinema houses, buses and railway compartments, etc.

Smoking leads to some of the serious ailments like heart disease and cancer. The smoker not only spoils his own health but affects adversely the health of the silent smoker who is sitting by his side. A total ban on smoking will go a long way in reducing the pollution levels of air.

Large scale use of pesticides and insecticides, in the agricultural field during the last four decades, has resulted in air pollution in rural India. The life style of the Indian rural masses is closely related to air pollution. Most people in rural India bum wood, cowdung cakes, coal and kerosene oil to cook food.



The kitchens are generally housed in unventilated rooms, where unscientific or conventional chulhas (ovens) are used. The fuels used in these kitchens emit large quantities of smoke, consisting of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur, etc. thereby polluting the air to a great extent.

On an average, about 100 million tonnes of fire wood is burnt in India annually which produces about 3.14 million tonnes of particulate matter, 2.35 million tonnes of hydrocarbons, 1.96 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide, 0.16 million tonnes of carbon monoxide and 0.39 million tonnes of nitric oxides.

The world’s worst air pollution problem could be the wood smoke inhaled by poor Indian women, especially in rural areas, while cooking. A tonne of particulate from household wood stoves may actually lead to more than 500 times the human exposure than a tonne of particulate from coal fired power station. About 55 million tonnes of cowdung cakes are burnt in India emitting 7.2 lakh tonnes of particulate matter, 5.4 lakh tonnes of hydrocarbons, 4.5 lakh tonnes of sulphur dioxide, 90 thousand tonnes of nitric oxides and 38 thousand tonnes of carbon monoxide.

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