Short Paragraph on Zebra (350 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Zebra !

Most of us have seen Zebras at the zoos. They almost resemble a horse and also move, gallop and trot like horses.


However, they do not run like horses and are not domesticated. They are known as wild animals. They fall into the equidae family where the horses and donkeys also include.

Every Zebra does have a very unique pattern of black and white stripes on them, which is never similar for two Zebras. They are also known as odd ungulates which mean that they have odd number of toes on their hoofs.

The eyes of the Zebra are located at the sides of their heads. This makes them see at a better angle when a predator is around. They have excellent sense of taste and smell and also good hearing powers. Their night vision helps them to see at night and keeps them away from predators. Since they have a shiny coat on their body, it helps them to have a control of the heat from the sun.

The zebras live in social groups. The females in the group are called as fillies and the leader of the group is called as stallion. Zebras are herbivorous and hence they are a successful member of the grassland community.


Zebras mostly sleep by standing just like how horses do. They communicate to each other by either snorting, barking or whinnying. It is their ears that communicate when they are tensed or calm. If the ears are standing still in upright position, that indicates they are calm, but if they are pushed forward, it indicates they are frightened or tensed.

The predators of Zebras are mostly lions and hyenas. If a zebra is being threatened, they would form a circle facing outward and threaten the predator by either kicking or biting. Their long black strips do help them to some extend from predators as it camouflages well with the long grass, and thus they get skipped sometimes from their predator like lion’s coz lions cannot distinguish colors.

Zebras are mostly hunted down for their skin. The Grevy’s Zebra are considered to be an endangered species.

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