My Values: Short Paragraph on My Values

Here is your paragraph on My Values !

Values are all those things that we think are essential to live & work happily. My topmost values are honesty, time management, determination, efforts, hard work and energy.


According to me these are the main ingredients towards a successful & motivating life. My values help me to take informed decisions about my future life.

Or in simple words I may say that my values guide me towards a better future. I firmly believe that a person’s values must congruent with his life purpose & goals to move towards a fulfilling life. If it fails to happen we will always feel that our odds are with our true self (soul).

My values have a larger impact on each and every aspect of my life as it influences my behavior, decisions & actions. My values also help to prioritize my life. The purpose of my life is grounded on the values I have.

Before taking up any value you must decide on what importance that value has on your life and why it must be indulged and also how it is going to affect your future life. Then try your level best to live by them. Living your life by your values helps to accomplish your dreams & goals & then helps you to lead & influence others.


What are values?

Values are those qualities & traits which represent our topmost priorities & deep heading driving forces. Values are what actually motivate us to get out of the bed every morning.

Why it is essential to identify your Values?

The Values that we hold are results of influences from family, friends, parents, religious beliefs & education as a whole. For us to become an efficient person we are required to identify and analyze these influences & develop a clear, meaningful & concise set of values or beliefs.

How to get started & find your values?

First of all take a pen & paper and find a place which is quiet to pen down your values such as- equality, self improvement, security, integrity, learning, loyalty, responsibility etc. Then have a look over those values. Select the top ten values and prioritize them according to their relevance.

Dissimilarities between Values & Beliefs?

I. Beliefs are over what our values are actually based upon.

II. When we Value something we give priority to that idea or a thing while Beliefs are those things that are assumed to be true.

III. Values are valuable while Beliefs are based assumed facts.

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