Paragraph on Importance of Books – by Silki


What is the real importance of books in our lives? I understand that the internet and computers have occupied our day to day lives to a huge extent, but having said that, the importance of books is still very much noticeable.

It’s true that the internet is a fast and convenient source of a huge set of information. But this does not overshadow the real importance of books anyhow.


What role a book plays in our lives? Books are not used only as a source of information, they have a significant contribution to shaping a child’s mind and human development.

Importance of Books:

Why is it important to read books? Think from a child’s point of view. For a toddler, it’s more convenient to develop the reading habit through books. Children feel excited to see beautiful and colorful pictures in a book and thus developing an understanding of the expected subject becomes easier for them. Needless to say, books designed for the children contain age relevant information and exercises for mind and thought development. Teaching the toddlers becomes easy with the help of the visually attractive content of the books. So, from the child development point of view, the importance of books is huge.

Books for Personal Development:

Books help in the development of the basic reading habit. It’s also beneficial for developing the concentration power. In a book, a story is explained in chapters and series. So, when you start reading a story, you patiently read it continuously for days to finish the chapters. When you read a book, you actually follow a subject or a story. It needs your concentration and patience for a very long time. On the contrary, the internet is a source of various types of information on a specific subject. So it’s basically helpful for getting unbiased information and doing research on various subjects.

If you’ve got it right, then books should be considered as the source for specialized knowledge. Renowned authors write books based on their personal experiences, subject authorization and skills. So you get authentic information, especially on a specific subject. You can say importance of books is realizable from the fact that they convey the right message to the target audience. On the other hand, any other sources like the internet doesn’t guarantee the authenticity of information. Anyone can put information about a subject randomly. A person can put information on the internet while hiding his/her actual identity, or may choose to be anonymous. So, you can’t trust information available from this source solely.



The importance of books can also be understood from the fact that it’s a great source for developing critical thinking and being imaginative. The thoughts and perspectives of the author will force you to think about a specific topic. The more logically you think about something, the more open you become in terms of your outlook. Books make us more understanding and broaden our perspective. Being an owner of an open mind, we get to connect with different types of people, can adjust with them easily and become a compassionate person. Considering all these facts, the importance of books can never be underrated.

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