Short Paragraph on Ice Age in India

Here is your short paragraph on Ice Age in India !

Following three ice ages are generally recognised in India.


1. The Dharwar Ice Age:

Ice age of Dharwar is reflected by conglomerates near Kaldurg in South India.

2. The Gondwana Ice Age:

The Talcher series of the Gondwana system in Orissa provide proof of the glaciation during that period. Boulders found here are similar to those existing in Shimla, Hazara and Salt ranges.


3. The Pleistocene Ice Age:

During the Pleistocene period the effect of ice age was noticed in the Himalayas. This period was not a continuous frigid spell rather it was marked by cold and warm spells in succession. In the Himalayas, evidences of extensive glaciation are found upto 1800 m while glacial drifts and terminal moraines covered hill sides and valley floors down to 1,400 m.

In Kashmir region, four or five periods of glaciation with inter-glacial periods have been noticed by de Terra and Peterson. Large blocks and boulders are normally seen in different parts of the Himalayas.

Rock polishing and grooving on lower steps of the Himalayas, the buff coloured sands and luminated clays inter-stratified among the Karewa deposits of Kashmir, accumulations of marine debris found on the tops and sides of many ranges of the middle Himalayas which do not have any glaciers row, ancient moraines found before the snouts of existing glacier at an elevation of about 1,650 m amply prove that this part of India experienced a glacial age in the Pleistocene period.

Glaciation also led to the formation of a number of glacial lakes in different parts of the Himalayas. Kailash kund, the Sanasar basin near Batole, the Gulmarg basin, the Sheshnag, the Kaunsarmag, etc. are some of the examples of this type of lakes. The impact of glaciation also led to sudden and large scale reduction of the Shiwalik mammals. The Peninsular part of India has no evidence of glaciation during the Pleistocene period.

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