Short Paragraph on India-Bhutan Border

Here is your short paragraph on India-Bhutan Border:

Bhutan is a ‘buffer’ state between India and China and shares 587 km long border with India.


Bhutan is protected from external invasion, although it became a fully sovereign nation and became a member of the United Nations in 1971. India’s border with Bhutan is quite peaceful and there is no boundary dispute between two countries.

Bhutan s border with China follows the crest of the Great Himalayas—the watershed for the north part. China rejected the water-shed principle and claimed nearly 775 sq km of the northern Bhutan as its own territory. Bhutan has friendly relations with India which are based on 1949 treaty.

This treaty provides a sound framework to ensure ‘perpetual peace and friendship’. Under this treaty, India has got the rights to protect Bhutan’s sovereignty and defend its border. Accordingly, India formally protested in 1959 against China s claim over Bhutanese territory.

China denounced India’s rights of protection of Bhutan, and asserted that any border dispute with Bhutan could be settled with Bhutan without Indian interference, India maintained its right to defend Bhutanese borders as per provisions of the 1949 treaty. India has been closely helping Bhutan in its defence efforts. Indian army units are permanently stationed all along the Bhutan-China border.


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