Short Paragraph on India–Nepal Border

Here is your short paragraph on India – Nepal Border:

India has common border with Nepal which stretches for 1,752 km from the tri-junction of Nepal, Tibet and Uttaranchal state of India in the west to Sikkim state of India in the east.


Five states of India, namely Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Sikkim touch the Nepalese border with India.

Major portion of Indo-Nepalese border runs in the east-west direction almost along the foothill of the Shiwalik Range. Although there had been numerous border conflicts between British India and Nepal since 1769, the present Indo-Nepal boundary is peaceful and there is no boundary dispute between the two countries.

Nepal is a landlocked country which is sandwiched between two giant countries of China and India. Consequently, Nepal has pursued its foreign policy very carefully and has allowed both India and China to construct roads linking its capital city of Kathmandu with its two big neighbours. Nepal has close contacts with India by treaties of friendship and protection from external aggression.


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