Caste System: Paragraph on Changing Caste System in India

Here is your short paragraph on changing caste system in India!

The origin of caste system in India may be traced in the Aryan settlement and expansion sometime in the second millennium.


Ever since its introduction, caste system has persisted and expanded, with assimilation of new elements, to form new castes.

This system has worked very well in the rural, self-contained, conservative society of India in which each social stratum performs its assigned functional role. But this system is based on social inequalities and is surely undemocratic in its fundamental nature. Moreover, it presupposes a fiscal environment of unchanging social norms and needs.

Keeping above facts in mind, there is an urgent need to demolish this unethical, unreasonable, and undemocratic caste system. Fortunately, there are great forces like literacy and constitutional democracy working with increasing strength against it as the society becomes more urbanized and modernized.

Traditional restrictions are slowly being sloughed off in the cities and caste inequalities are being eroded perceptibly. City life inhibits the observance of caste rituals in the matter of interlining and polluting physical contact in public places like cinema houses, shopping areas, city transport, restaurants, etc.


Spatial diffusion of these social amenities to rural areas is still limited, but it is on the increase. Transport facilities have penetrated in the rural landscape of India making significant changes in the economic and social life of the rural masses.

The traditional self-sufficiency of the villages has been reduced drastically as the money economy becomes more popular. The handicrafts and the caste-related jajmani are also disappearing slowly but gradually.

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