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Paragraph on Chhattisgarh | India (276 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Chhattisgarh! Chhattisgarh, one of the smaller states in India and a very young one at that! Not really known for being as IT-savvy as Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, but it has a remarkably successful e-governance project in place. Called ‘CHOICE’ or the ‘Chhattisgarh Online Information for Citizen Empowerment’, this flagship […]

Short Paragraph on the Cell Growth of a Bacteria

Here is your short paragraph on the cell growth of a bacteria. If conditions are favorable, cell division is normally followed by a period of enlargement and growth. Through the absorption of water and food manufactured by the protoplasm the cell enlarges to its original size. Under favourable conditions of moisture, nutrition, pH and temperature […]

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